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Everyone has “down” days, but persistent sadness, hopelessness, and anxiety can negatively interfere with all areas of life. Clinical symptoms of depression may include persistent feelings of guilt, a loss of interest in enjoyable activities, changes in sleeping and eating patterns, irritability, difficulty concentrating, problems with motivation, and feeling disengaged from others.

You may feel plagued by intrusive negative thoughts about your relationships, job, or your future. Perhaps you have the same negative thoughts over and over again or always anticipating the worst is yet to come.  These negative thought patterns can induce physical symptoms like sweating, racing heart, and difficulty breathing.  It may cause you to feel drained, weighed down, and hopeless. ​

How Therapy Can Help

Through a combination of evidence-based practices (e.g., DBT, CBT, EFT, ACT, Mindfulness), we will work together to create a specialized treatment plan based on your specific symptoms. Therapy can help people feel hopeful about the future, become more decisive and assertive, and increase feelings of self-acceptance and self-worth. 

College Friends


College students go through a significant life transition and deal with a unique amount of stressors. 
Anxiety is the top presenting current concern among college students. Nearly 85% of college students report feeling overwhelmed. More than 40% of college students feel so depressed that it is difficult to function and 61% feel overwhelming anxiety (Anxiety and Depression Association of America ADAA).

Common Topics

  • Social anxiety, test anxiety, general anxiety, panic attacks

  • Depression, lack of energy or motivation

  • Home sickness or loneliness

  • Family expectations or problems

  • Eating problems and body image issues

  • Lack of confidence, assertiveness, self esteem

  • Grief and loss of a loved one or relationship breakup

  • Stress, perfectionism, procrastination, time management

  • Navigating transitions into adulthood

  • Dating and relationship struggles

  • Sexuality and gender identity questions

  • Self identity exploration and deciding who you are and what you want out of work, school and love

Child at Psychologist


Therapy with children should be an empowering, positive experience that allows parents to learn new, more adaptive ways to relate to their child and to themselves. I offer individual treatment for children and adolescents for a range of mental health concerns and life stressors.

Are you having a hard time knowing whether your child's irritable mood is developmental or more reason for concern?

Is your child isolating themselves? 

Does your teen no longer want to talk with you? 

Has your child lost interest in past enjoyable activities? 

Does your child resist going to school? 

Is your child having difficulty staying organized and efficient with their time? 

Has your child's teacher expressed concerns? 

Is your child stressed, anxious, and frequently worry? 

Do you struggle to cope with your special needs child?

Is your family life being affected by your child's behavior? ​

Teens go through emotional ups and downs, hormones are changing, and life can seem overwhelming.  Even in the best of parent-child relationships, teens need a space to talk that's outside of their inner circle.

The most lasting change happens when providing parenting support in addition to treating your child.  Depending on the age and needs of the child and family, I work in many ways. I encourage meeting with parents on a monthly basis to offer parenting support. Additionally, with extensive experience working as a School Psychologist within public and private school settings, I help parents better understand the school system and support parents who may need Accommodation Plans or need help understanding the special education/IEP process.

Family Fun in Field


Based on family systems theory, Dr. Gaines works to understand and adjust complex family relationships. In challenging times, interdependence can become emotionally taxing rather than comforting. Through thoughtful questions and interventions, Dr. Gaines works with all members to achieve a cohesive family unit.

Holding Hands


We work collaboratively to assist couples to rebuild connection, revive communication, and reaffirm the vitality of the relationship. In addressing patterns and pains within the structure of the relationship, the goal is to facilitate emotional healing and deepen the intimate connection. I am committed to nurturing each individual through an experiential process toward a deeper knowledge of the other.

doing work together


From a biopsychosocial lens, consultation services are offered for school districts, healthcare settings, and businesses with specialty in:

  • Formative/Summative Evaluations

  • Social-Emotional Learning

  • Restorative Justice

  • Interdisciplinary practices

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