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55 ways to self-soothe your senses


  1. Look at the stars at night

  2. Go people watching

  3. Pin pictures that make you smile

  4. Watch the flame of a candle

  5. Buy flowers

  6. Go to a museum or poster store

  7. Build a beautiful space in your room

  8. Find architecture you enjoy

  9. Take a walk in a park and observe

  10. Browse through stores

  11. Look at the nature around you

  12. Watch a sunrise or sunset

  13. Find cute animal videos


  1. Listen to soothing music

  2. Listen to invigorating music

  3. Pay attention to the sounds of nature

  4. Pay attention to the sounds of the city

  5. Sing or hum your favorite song

  6. Play an instrument

  7. Noisli

  8. Create a playlist

  9. Notice noises as they change from one ear to the other


  1. Boil cinnamon

  2. Make cookies, bread, or popcorn

  3. Light a scented candle

  4. Smell nature

  5. Open the window and notice

  6. Smell different cooking products

  7. Use your favorite soap

  8. Spritz perfume on your clothes

  9. Put lemon oil on your furniture

  10. Use scented lotion


  1. Eat your favorite foods

  2. Eat your favorite foods from childhood

  3. Treat yourself to dessert

  4. Sample ice cream flavors

  5. Drink a soothing drink

  6. Drink something warm

  7. Suck on candy or chocolate without chewing it

  8. Chew gum

  9. Taste food mindfully

  10. Let a cracker dissolve on your tongue


  1. Hug a friend

  2. Snuggle

  3. Hold hands

  4. Give or receive a massage

  5. Put clean sheets on your bed

  6. Bathe or shower

  7. Run your hand along smooth wood or leather

  8. Drive with the windows rolled down

  9. Pet an animal

  10. Soak your feet

  11. Put a cold compress on your forehead

  12. Sink into a comfortable chair

  13. Put on your comfiest outfit

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